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Sign up here for our newsletter! The transfer of the Lopez de Hoyos exit, in the existing route, to gain space at the access, The junction at Maria de Molina, next to the entrance to the Metro, which opened in an existing structure, The passing of the road tunnel over Line 6 of the Metro where the distance between the two elements was minimal, The crossing below the overpass at the Lopez de Hoyos roundabout, where the foundation elements were in a precarious state of repair, The crown of the tunnel under Lopez de Hoyos where it was necessary to protect the foundation elements of adjacent buildings, The stretch below lines 9 and 4 of the Metro which are very close to one another in all respects, The construction of the emergency exits and the associated ventilation shafts, The setting back of a pile of a pedestrian footbridge over the N-II highway and finally the decontamination of the floor areas which had been affected by leaks from a nearby petrol station.

Lessons in Manliness From Hardboiled Detective Philip Marlowe

Lessons From Fahrenheit 451 for the Modern Day

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